End-User License Agreement

This application includes Vuforia™ SDK libraries (2011-2014, Qualcomm Austria Research Center GmbH), requiring users to read and accept the following "End User License Agreement" (Terms of Use):

(i) Each end user consents to the collection, storage, and use by QUALCOMM Austria and its affiliates and service providers of Statistics from the Software and the transfer of Statistics between QUALCOMM Austria and its affiliates and service providers (which may be in the United States or in other countries), in each case for the purposes of (a) facilitating the provision of new products, updates, enhancements and other services, (b) improving the Software, and other products, services and technologies, and (c) providing new products, services or technologies to You and customers of QUALCOMM Austria and its affiliates; and

(ii) each end user is advised of the hazards of using a camera based application while driving, walking, or otherwise by being distracted or disoriented from real world situations; and

(iii) if Your Vuforia-enabled software application uses any portion of other services provided by QUALCOMM Austria's affiliates, (e.g. Cloud Recognition Services available only under separate agreement), You acknowledge that additional end-user terms and conditions will be required to be obtained from each end user as more particularly described in the separate agreement for the Cloud Recognition Service.